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Ludus is a lifestyle brand inspired by the city of Miami. We create fashion-forward eco-conscious clothing and produce one-of-a-kind events that combine fashion, music, philanthropy and fun. We celebrate life, and promote compassion for all humans.

However, Miami is home to the most beautiful people on earth. As a destination for visitors and immigrants from around the world, multiculturalism influences the city’s character and adds to its beauty. Miamians value their looks, work hard to maintain them, and are sure to flaunt them. Here, beauty, fitness, and fashion industry innovations are quickly put to the fire and embraced or shot down.

However, Miami is more than a pretty face. There is great awareness of holistic health – wellness of the spirit, body, and mind. In addition, focus on the individual is tempered by a bourgeoning interest in philanthropy, green initiatives, and popular events dedicated to music and the arts.

Born in Miami, the Ludus brand values aesthetics and produces apparel that is expertly designed to complement the human form. All effort is made to marry the finest organic, recycled, and other eco-conscious materials with ultimate style, comfort, and functionality. With wondrous weather and beautiful beaches, exercise, sports, and the outdoors are defining characteristics of life in Miami. Versatile to the core – Ludus apparel is ideal for meditating at the yoga studio, biking South Beach, an hour at the gym, or people watching on Lincoln Road.  We are an eco-conscious and philanthropic firm committed to fashion and fun. We celebrate life. Our Motto is LOVE THE WORLD.


Ludus seeks to inspire men
and women all over the world
to reach their maximum
capabilities and have a positive effect on society by giving back to their communities.
Taking the lead, Ludus gives back by donating a portion of each item sold to philanthropic organizations.
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